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Please note Hailey no longer covers music or film on a regular basis. Please do not add her to your emailing lists without asking first.

Send messages to Hailey directly at hnuth@protonmail.com. Follow her on Twitter

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Notes on pitching:

While Hailey occasionally freelances for publications like Us of America, VICE's Munchies, and others, she primarily writes for the magazine she recently founded, Alienation. Stories should be directed first for politically-focused stories, and second for culture or food-focused stories.  

Alienation Magazine / logo design by Emily Fong

Alienation Magazine / logo design by Emily Fong

Pitches for alienation should be on political topics, particularly those that focus on affordable housing, the war on drugs, feminist issues, workers’ rights, or other global leftist causes, please reach out. Alienation has limited bandwith, and is not events-focused.


Hailey does not write for Washington Square News anymore, nor is she in contact with staff there. If you still want to reach the WSN Arts desk at large, feel free to email the Arts Editor at arts@nyunews.com

If you'd like to pitch for Popdust or PopCrush, you're regrettably out of luck. Hailey no longer writes there, or on music in general.